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AGKSoft QuickBooks Interface

You can buy it now for $195

(This license will be for a single PC only)

AGKSoft QuickBooks Interface to access your QuickBooks Files much faster than QuickBooks itself. The software provides a variety of features that enhances QuickBooks. 

• When you open the Software, you should see the following:

• Click "Browse" to select your QuickBooks File

• Click "Open File" to open your QuickBooks File.  You should now see the following:

AGKSoft QuickBooks Interface is now open allowing you to do the following:

• Open QuickBook Files without using QuickBooks.

• Super-Fast Customer Navigation.  Move from one customer to another about 10 times faster than doing it from within QuickBooks.

• Super-Fast Search by name, company, phone, fax, address, note, etc.  Each time you search for a client, we remember the search and you can always look up all the previous searches that you have done.

• Quick Edit of a Customer’s Name, Company, Phone, etc.  Simply update the customer's name and phone number without going to other screens to do it.

• View Invoices and Payments for a Customer or All Customers.  This will also give you a total for all Invoices and Payments.

• View all new Notes for all customers based on a selected date.  If you have multiple people writing notes, you can quickly review all the written notes by anyone about any of your customers.

• Search for Notes.  If you include Serial Numbers for products you sell, you can now write them in the notes and search by Serial Number to see who owns the product.

• Search Emails.  If you get an email from someone, but do not know who the person is, enter the email in the Search Box and click Find.

•Create New Clients and add New Notes about the client all from within the same screen.

•Email a single client or all clients custom messages.  You can also email all customers having a balance.

Sample Automatic Custom Message:

Dear <<Customer>>

Please submit your Balance of <<Balance>> as soon as you can.

Thank You.

When you email custom messages, you can also attach up to 2 files to your custom message.