1Department key layout

Consider making changes to your Department key layout

Use a Department key worksheet. List items that belong to each Department

All items in Departments must have the same tax status (either tax, or no-tax)

Once you've decided on the Department Key layout, make the changes

Here's a list of some common departments:

Grocery Health and Beauty Aids Dairy Deli Donuts Chips
Soda Fountain Coffee Candy Oil Snacks
Novelty Lottery Scratch Tickets Lottery Machine Lottery Paid Phone Cards Money Order
Cigarettes Cigar Tobacco Lighters Beer Wine
Automotive Misc Grocery Gifts Propane Pizza
Chips Ice Cream Ice Water Soups Frozen Foods
Baked Goods Floral Sandwich Garage Labor Garage Parts Car Wash
Taxable Non-Taxable Energy Drinks Fast Food News Juice