Scan Data Program

The Scan Data Program is offered to you by Altria, RJR and USSTC (US Smokeless).

AGKSoft will automatically send the Scan Data for you on a weekly basis for free.

How does it work?

Altria, RJR and USSTC will ask you to create a promotion such as:

Discount Example:

  • Buy 2 Packs and get $0.80 off.

  • Customer get the $0.80 discount.

  • AGKSoft Reports the discount by sending the Scan Data to Altria or RJR.

  • Altria or RJR sends you a quarterly check with all the Discounts you gave.

Altria/PM USA, RJR and USSTC will also pay you extra incentive:

Carton and Rolls Payback:

  • AGKSoft sends the Scan Data automatically for free.

  • RJR pays you $0.15 per Carton of Cigarettes Sold quarterly.

  • Altria/PM USA pays you $0.10 per Carton of Cigarettes Sold quarterly.

  • USSTC pays you $0.15 per Roll Sold quarterly.

Altria/PM USA, RJR and USSTC will pay for Loyalty:

Loyalty Example:

  • You give a $1.00 coupon off a 2 packs purchase.

  • AGKSoft sends the Loyalty and Coupon data to Altria/PM USA or RJR.

  • Altria/PM USA or RJR will pay you back the whole coupon value quarterly.

How to start?

  1. Sign up for a Scan Data Account with your Altria or RJR Sales Rep.
  2. Contact AGKSoft once you receive the Email with the Username and Password.

Altria/PM USA

Call IRI 1-866-262-5973 or 1-844-230-3454 and then Altria Call Center 1-866-275-7687.  You can also email or fill-out the following application:


Call 1-877-544-4429 or email, when MSA asks about the file field separator, we use the "pipe" separator.

Potential Benefits?




Cash $ Benefit

Store Sales Potential Increase

500 Cartons/month

500 Cartons/month

500 Rolls/month


20% to 25%

250 Cartons/month

250 Cartons/month

250 Rolls/month


15% to 20%

125 Cartons/month

125 Cartons/month

125 Rolls/month


10% to 15%