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AGKSoft presents AGKSoft v12 which is the only Full Featured Accounting Software on the market that is capable of working as POS (Point Of Sale), in the Garage, as BOS (Back Office Software) or as HOS (Home Office Software) with full support to the most common POS systems.  The software includes over 1.4 Million UPC-Codes as well as over 30,000 Wholesale to Retail mappings (Carton/Case to Pack).

The software is capable of downloading and balancing your books automatically saving you hundreds of hours each year.  The software retrieves all the information entered in your cash register including all the Gas Sales, Sales Room, Car Wash, Store Credits (House Accounts), Paid In/Out, Safe Drops, Coupons, Bottle Deposits, etc.

The software produces numerous reports on demand for any date range you choose Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly or any other date range. 

If you want to track your inventory to reduce shrink, this software is for you.  We have numerous ways to help you automatically control inventory.  With full Electronic Invoice (EDI) support for all vendors, there are no exceptions.  With support wireless Portable Scanners to help you collect inventory or simply to do price changes, and then upload the changes to your Cash Register.

The software includes central price-book capabilities, Export to QuickBooks, Peachtree, Export to CSV, Export to ASCII and Export to Excel.

AGKSoft has been working on this software for more than 35 years.  We can provide training at your place of business or do the training online.