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Date 12-13-2017, 12.12.191
ALL - Fixed sending to both PM USA and RJR at the same time.
POS - Fixed Mix/Match of various items not matching unless it was the same item
BOS - Ruby Sapphire/Commander - Allow enable/disable Real-Time from Automation screen Only.
BOS - Ruby Sapphire/Commander - Allow Emails and Text Message when Cashiers do Void/Return/NoSale/DriveOff/SafeDrop
BOS - Ruby Sapphire/Commander - Fixed Journal for Fuel Transactions
BOS - ComData - Support auto-creation of Fleet Accounts

Date 11-29-2017, 12.12.190
ALL - RJR Scan Data - Added Support for Mfr Discount Versus Store Discount

ALL - Added FTP Test in the Login window to help diagnose various FTP issues.
BOS - ComData - Added support for NAXML Mix/Match upload.
BOS - Ruby Commander - Added Shell Loyalty Support for House Charges.
BOS - Passport FTP Automation download is now automatic and faster than ever.
POS - You can now enter a note when charging to client account

Date 11-03-2017, 12.12.189
ALL - Scan Data now allows up to 3 departments to be uploaded.
ALL - Added F11 key for automatic TeamViewer Support
ALL - Show Products - Added Mark Deleted
ALL - Fixed Traffic Report skipping the 1st transaction of each hour
BOS - Passport - Added support for Passport Version 11.02 which now allows Fractional Departments.
BOS - ComData - Work around NAXML issue uploading any product where EBT/FoodStamps are not allowed.
BOS - ComData - Fix Product ID auto-generation issue
POS - Print Mix/Match Discount on the Receipt.

Date 10-06-2017, 12.12.188

ALL - From Short/Over, clicking Garage Paid In, should auto-select the same Date/Shift
ALL - Finance Charge can now be set for each customer.
BOS - Commander Touch Screen update to work with latest Commander

BOS - Sapphire and Commander - Enhanced Shift Processing to work for un-attendant shifts (Fuel ONLY)
BOS - Added "Ignore Fuel Diff" to work around sites that do not have the Fuel properly mapped Departments.
BOS - ComData - Create/Modify now shows the CRV/Deposit.

POS - Mix/Match now supports the ability to set a time range for all the dates
POS - Mix/Match by time would only work if you closed the Software, now it works all the time.
POS - Added the ability to Disable Showing Inventory when an item is Scanned

POS - Non-Active Employees can no longer Clock In


Date 09-28-2017, 12.12.187
ALL - BuyDown Validate now enhanced to do validation for Left Over BuyDown.

ALL - TLS Validate now handles Shifts that close on the next day.
ALL - Scan Data now allow Passwords with single quotes
ALL - Clients Accounts - Added Aging Report.
POS - Added Credit Card "VALIDATE".

Date 09-15-2017, 12.12.186
ALL - Vendor Order - Added the ability to give the Quantity as Sold - Inventory
ALL - Fixed Scan Data Discount Reporting
POS - Fixed Postpone/Restore Discount

Date 09-07-2017, 12.12.185
ALL - Added the ability to Auto-Create Categories and SubCategories for PM USA, RJR, ITG, etc.
ALL - Vendor Order - Added "Include Items where Inventory is larger than Sold"
ALL - Vendor Order - Added the ability to use %SOLD (Sold Quantity) and %INV (Inventory)
ALL - Product Wizard - Print List now only prints the fields that are not hidden
ALL - Create/Modify Products - Click BuyDown to open it in the BuyDown window
ALL - Gas Load - [Load Volume from Gas Sale] button now looks for any missing Gas Load and prompt you to auto-load and save it.
ALL - Scan Data for RJR Multipack discount needed to be per unit
BOS - Commander - Fixed issue with House Charge when we ring up multiple items and void one of them.
BOS - Commander - Fixed issue with Refund Shift # in Real Time.

BOS - Commander - Fixed issue clearing Real Time Inventory when multiple Shifts cross Days.
POS - Added option to auto-print 2 Receipts like it did before.
POS - Added DBL-CLICK to open the selected UPC in Create/Modify Products.

Date 08-09-2017, 12.12.184
POS - VX805 - We now prompt the user to remove Credit Card from the Chip Reader

BOS - Commander - Work around the "fuelPrepayCompletion" problem with the Journal
BOS - Added option to allow uploading zero priced items
HOS - Mix/Match used to limit to 10 mixes, now 1000.
ALL - RJR Scan Data - Added Support for Market Basket
ALL - RJR Scan Data - Added Support for Multiple Multiplers in the BuyDown
ALL - Expanded support for multiple multipliers like a 12 pack and a 6 pack (12 pack will be the Carton)
ALL - Added EDI Kit Support for Vendor 'JPOLEP'

Date 07-05-2017, 12.12.183
BOS - Commander downloading by Shift is now fixed.
BOS - Added the ability to include the Loyalty in Balancing the Shift.

Date 07-03-2017, 12.12.182
BOS - Ruby Commander - Void PLU needed to be like a return in the Journal, now fixed.
ALL - Pre-collect gas tax is liability which is now added to the Balance Sheet
ALL - RJR Scan data - Added support for 34 fields now instead 31
ALL - Downloading from the Portable can now View the results in a Spreadsheet
ALL - Fixed Sapphire and Commander's Real-Time Inventory not getting cleared
ALL - Fixed Fuel Reconciliation Report when multiple blended with no sales
ALL - Daily Sheet Inventory Purchased column was empty when downloading by Day, now fixed
ALL - Added Animation when communicating with the Register or Home Office
ALL - Sales by Category report now shows actual Category Name
ALL - House Charge Descriptions now display in full

Date 05-17-2017, 12.12.181
POS - Lottery Machine Sales no longer open the Item List Selection.
BOS - Added Full NAMOS Support
ALL - Client Charges now combines Date/Time columns for better Sorting.
ALL - Added required password when Deleting Day/Shift or ALL
ALL - Sending Gas Readings hourly used to stop @ midnight
ALL - PMUSA wants us to Subtract the Coupon from the Final Sales Price.
ALL - Short/Over fields will now show in Red if they were changed manually.
ALL - Added Support for Fuel State Tax Percentage and Tax Percentage Cap.
ALL - Added Auto-Generate Lottery Sheet.
ALL - Fixed Commander's Real-Time Inventory not getting cleared.


Date 04-13-2017, 12.12.180
ALL - Added Move Dept in the Dept. Setup
ALL - Added list buttons [...] to ID Changer
ALL - Customer Accounts - Added the ability to enter Discount as a %age
ALL - Customer Accounts - After you setup a Discount %age for a client, Double click [Discount] will auto-enter discount amount automatically.
ALL - Added Search and Replace for Product Names inside [Show Products], [Change]
ALL - Loading EDI with [Shippers] or [Kits] now supports more vendors and handles more case
ALL - Added the ability to Send Coupons to Customers (EMail or Text)
BOS - Ruby Sapphire/Commander - Create/Modify Products now allows setting Fees on Depts.
BOS - Ruby Sapphire/Commander Real-Time Support now implemented
BOS - Uploading Scan Data - When it fails, it will auto-retry again after it downloads the next shift and send the owner a message
POS - Enhanced selecting PLUs or UPCs using [.] [,] [Enter] or clicking [UPC List]
POS - When you sell an item, we now auto-display the Inventory and Last Date purchased or sold
POS - When attempting to pay using Local Credit, you now have the option to create a New Client

Date 02-22-2017, 12.12.179
ALL - Updated Scan Data to match more Altria/PM USA support for Coupons and Discounts
ALL - Fee Agent can now be 4-digits after the decimal (Ex: 0.1295)
ALL - Double click on any date in the Calendar allows us to open the Journal Sheet, Daily Sheet, Sales Log or Income.
ALL - Expanded Setup Departments to 70 per page
BOS - Added a 2nd Coupon Method Of Payment.

Date 02-03-2017, 12.12.178
ALL - Updated Scan Data to match more Altria/PM USA support for Mix/Match
ALL - Show Products - Added Price Groups and Category
ALL - Show Products - You can now change checked and selected list at the same time
ALL - Lottery - View Active by ID or Serial now includes the Display #
BOS - When Re-Processing a Shift, we now preserve the Payments made by Editing any Charges

Date 02-02-2017, 12.12.177
ALL - Updated Scan Data to match new Altria/PM USA and RJR specifications
ALL - Mix/Match and BuyDown Start Date and End Date will show in Red when not Activate
ALL - Expense History button was not loading anything entered with Shift 0
ALL - Re-designed Price Groups
ALL - Re-designed Category Setup to allow managing sub-Categories from the same window
ALL - Re-designed Sub-Category Setup to allow managing products from a single window

Date 01-24-2017, 12.12.176
BOS - ComData - Added the ability to [Skip Large Journal Files]
BOS - Client Accounts - Added "List Volume" button to List selected Charges by Gas Grade/Volume
BOS - You can now have all the LOGS folders anywhere you want.
ALL - Added Google Drive and One Drive Support
ALL - Change all the Grids to Navigate Home and to the End without Control.
ALL - Added Yearly Payroll Report that is summarized by Employee.
ALL - Income/Invoice Expense - Added the ability to click on "Invoice Expense" and get the list of Invoice Expense.  Also, double clicking on each line will auto-load the Invoice.
ALL - Lottery Scratch Tickets - Added View Active Books for selected Date Range
ALL - Sending Data to PM USA and RJR, we now have the ability to combine the same transactions on a single line
ALL - Fixed Setup Keywords to auto-select the proper line, also fixed the Delete, it was not showing before.

Date 01-05-2017, 12.12.175
BOS - When we generate the Aggregate Sheet in Automation, you need to Validate Short/Over for Gas to come in
ALL - Payroll - When you pay someone, we now auto-select the Payment Type
ALL - Payroll - Paying 2 people the same exact amount with no check # will now show seperate in the Account
POS - Print Old Receipts now shows more details to select from
POS - Closing Shifts did not always auto-select the proper shift

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