What's New ?

Changes are label with a 3-letter code: ALL - For all software modes , BOS for Back Office Software, HOS for Home Office Software, POS for Point Of Sale.

Date 03-03-2015, 12.12.130
ALL - You can now edit the Mix Name from the Mix/Match User Interface
ALL - Added the ability to send Web Emails using Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.
BOS - Verifone Site Controller/Commander, work around Mix/Match problem with NAXML
BOS - Renamed [Manual Fuel] to be [Man. Fuel/Discount]
BOS - Ruby Sapphire - [Manual Fuel] is better handled along with the [Fuel/Discount]
POS - Add Voids Report button in the POS Window

Date 02-04-2015, 12.12.129
BOS - Ruby Commander (Site Controller) Fixed Mix/Match upload
ALL - Add New Lottery Scratch Tickets Report by ID.
ALL - Net Income: Diff, Under paid outs, we did not show the Drive Off
ALL - Doing Payroll in the new year did not pick timecard from previous year
ALL - Work Order - When we do duplicate, it now prompts to clear the Parts or Keep them
ALL - Product Info. - Limit Search to include [Product Location]
ALL - Updated most reports so they export better to Excel.

Date 12-17-2014, 12.12.128
BOS - Added an extra Mapping for Aux. Credit Cards and Debit Cards in the Cash Register Interface Setup
ALL - Created a whole new way to generate a Fuel Reconciliation Report
ALL - We now log Uploading Products + Log now sorts by Date Descending
ALL - Employee Setup now includes Email Address
ALL - Payroll Report now shows Regular Hours as well as Overtime hours
ALL - Speed up Create/Modify Products getting a list of products
ALL - When settling a book, it used to stay in the tickets window as if its open
ALL - Lottery no longer lets you force settle at 0 tickets sold.
ALL - Generate Daily Sales now fully supports an Excel Template
ALL - Added Mouse Wheel Support, so Ctrl+Mouse-Wheel to Zoom in and out

Date 11-24-2014, 12.12.127
ALL - Product Info. now includes the ability to select PriceGroup
ALL - Added Home and Cell Phone to Employee Setup
ALL - Added Date Range to Traffic Reports
ALL - Fixed Auto-Import/Export between Passport and ComData
BOS - Nucleus - Fixed Doubling Debit Cards Totals
HOS - We now add the IIS Folder automatically to IIS

Date 11-07-2014, 12.12.126
HOS - When we save an invoice, any new/modified items are now sent to the Back Office
POS - Added the ability to clear a Customized buttton
POS - Added the ability to enlarge the font for the item list
ALL - Added New Lottery to Lottery Scratch Tickets and Add Tickets windows
ALL - We now allow the same Mix Qty to be entered multiple times for the same match
ALL - Added Franklin TS550 or TS-550 (TS 550) support (It must be in TLS-350 Mode)
ALL - Added From Email to Business Info. This helps with Outlook sending emails.
ALL - Added Traffic Report Summary showing only 2 pages
ALL - Added Car Wash to Security
ALL - Product Info now shows count + amount with totals
ALL - Product Info - Added the ability to see what prices at what time were changed
BOS - We now skip Gift Card Departments when uploading
BOS - Nucleus XML - We now upload the Mix before the Match to the Nucleus (ILT before MMT)
BOS - Nucleus - Fixed uploading Fuel Prices.
BOS - Nucleus - We can now map the MOPs for Cash/Check/Credit/Debit/Coupon/Prepaid/GiftCard/FleetCards/DriveOff/FoodStamps

Date 09-12-2014, 12.12.125
ALL - Gas Sale now includes an enhanced Purchased vs Sold that handles blending
BOS - Ruby XML now handle 3 or 4-digits Depts

Date 09-10-2014, 12.12.124
BOS - Sapphire XML - We now allow the user to enter a starting Date to download
BOS - Sapphire XML - Fixed skipping Empty Shifts
ALL - Fixed Creating New Vendors/Expenses/etc. that had similar names

Date 08-27-2014, 12.12.123
ALL - Added Quick Inventory Shrink Report
ALL - Added [Delete Multipack Specials] for Mix/Match, it gets enabled after Validate.
ALL - Added Search box for Mix/Match and Buy Down
ALL - Salesroom report now allows selecting a price group
ALL - Made Quick Inventory much much faster when you limit to 1 or more departments
ALL - Cost Of Goods Reports now allows by Vendor/Dept, by Invoice and by Dept.
ALL - First Time User - Security - Now you can specify the Max # of Backups (3 to 99)
HOS - When you modify an old Short/Over, Gas Load, Gas Sale, Charges or Credit Cards, we now send the modified records
HOS - Added Sync Conflict Window to catch any Back Office/Home Office conflicts
HOS - We can now Delete Multipack Specials from Create/Modify and have it removed at the Back Office
BOS - Uploading to the Passport now supports multiple Mixes for the same list of products
BOS - Ruby Commander/Site Controller - We now support Interim Deals (Mix/Match)
BOS - Downloading the Shift manually, we now auto-close the Short/Over
BOS - Mapped Departments now go to the Journal like any other product
POS - Closing shift will not let you close the Shift in Short/Over until you click [Lookup Shift], now fixed.

Date 06-26-2014, 12.12.122
HOS - Fixed Modified to a selected Zone
BOS - Exporting to Home Office now prompts if Static or Dynamic IP

Date 06-23-2014, 12.12.121
ALL - Vendor Balance was not accounting for the Pre-Paid Tax in the Vendor List window as well as the Report.
ALL - Gas Sale now saves the Profit for each grade
ALL - Gas Sale Pre-Collect now allows some grade not to be pre-collect
ALL - Added Pkg Size and Product Location to Create/Modify, Product Wizard, List Wizard and Reports
ALL - Fixed Grid Sort to keep the original query (Example: Looking @ charges for client # 12)
ALL - Fixed Import check for Modified Date and Time.
ALL - Import Data now handles unzipped data
ALL - Added support for more product codes and made it easier to get the list of product codes
ALL - When loading an invoice, we now display the Total Sale Value before Inventory $ total if [Show Inventory] is checked.
ALL - Import Bank File now skips the header automatically.
ALL - Added Diff to compare years or months for Sales, Payroll, Expenses, Gas Sale, Gas Load, etc.
BOS - Added Support for Short Time on the TLS-350
BOS - Ruby and Sapphire, We now skip the Fuel Depts when uploading to the Ruby or Sapphire
BOS - We now handle Fleet Cards along with House Charges separated
BOS - Ruby Sapphire - Work around a case where the Journal File had an error
BOS - Ruby Sapphire - Added Support for NAXML Mix/Match for Sapphire Base 129 and later

Date 04-28-2014, 12.12.120
ALL - Create/Modify now shows a "Carton" or "Pack" label to make it easier
ALL - TLS Interface now handles short names

Date 04-24-2014, 12.12.119
ALL - When Finance Charge is set to ZERO, we no longer add the Finance Charge
ALL - Moving house charge from one client to another only moves the selected charge
ALL - Reduced System Logging of Normal Activity
ALL - Added TLS 450 Support
ALL - When loading an invoice, we now display the inventory $ total if [Show Inventory] is checked.
ALL - When you categorize a withdrawal in an account, the line no longer stays blue.
POS - Postpone/Restore Gas Sale was rounding to 0.00, now we round to 0.000
POS - Client Paid in now shows the Balance on the Receipt
BOS - Ruby Sapphire - Fixed House Charges Credit and make it balance the Shift
BOS - Ruby - Added a [Paid In] checkbox in the Cash Register Interface
HOS - Money transfers from one account to another now sets the Location ID

Date 04-07-2014, 12.12.118
BOS - Importing from Home Office was stuck asking about sending to Register
ALL - In all Accounts, deposits are now shown in Dark Green

Date 04-02-2014, 12.12.117
BOS - We now put the TLS reading coming from the Register in the TLS interface
POS - Fixed Custom Message Receipt Printing
ALL - Enhanced Create Category From Vendor

ALL - Enhanced Gas Load Date Selection


Date 03-31-2014, 12.12.116
BOS - Fixed Send to Register from Invoice window.
HOS - Fixed Merge when sending multiple items.

Date 03-27-2014, 12.12.115
POS - Enhanced Postpone/Restore
POS - Separated Print Receipt and Print Order
POS - We no longer allow Back Office to Close a POS Shift that is still Open.
HOS - You can now send anything from the HOS to the BOS
BOS - Added New Direct TLS/VeederRoot Interface - Gas Load/Gas Sale/Automation/Email Tank Info.
BOS - Automation - Import - Added [Test Connection]
ALL - Added Lottery Scratch Tickets Validate
ALL - Added Email of Fuel Tank Reading Hourly for Passport/Nucleus and by Shift for the rest
ALL - Create/Modify Products will now Update the Lottery Setup Automatically
ALL - Product Info - You can now search by Item #
ALL - Product Wizard - You can now search by Item #
ALL - Lottery Settlement - Added [CLEAN ALL]
ALL - Lottery Scratch Tickets - Added [Mark Deleted]
ALL - Timecard Import - Allow importing any spreadsheet
ALL - Added a new Sales Report by Dept for each day.
ALL - Payroll - Added First Time User option to allow Tips not to be added to Final Pay
ALL - Gas Sale - Added Validate to make sure all Shifts are closed and not missing
ALL - Product Wizard - Added Automatic Data Validation to prevent errors
ALL - Added few more Email settings and moved to First Time User
ALL - Added "Validate" to Lottery Setup - It will handle duplicate UPC-Codes, duplicate Names or UPC is missing from Create/Modify.

Date 02-19-2014, 12.12.114
ALL - House Charge Finance Charge is now calculated on the Balance
ALL - Eliminated the needs to do Update Database. The Software does it on the fly.
ALL - Added Hackney and Farner Bocken Custom Ordering
ALL - Browse Files - Improved User Interface and show Modified Date
ALL - Lottery - Added Short/Over
ALL - Lottery - Moved options to First Time User + Added Lottery ID Info at the bottom when you select a book
ALL - Lottery Scratch Tickets Inventory is now shown by Amount
ALL - Deleting a Carton Buy Down did not delete Pack Buy Down
ALL - Add Check-Digit Tooltip to Create/Modify
BOS - Added Auto-Cleaning Talk folder when you open AGKSoft
BOS - Ruby - You can now add the Bottle Deposit (CRV) in the Portable and we auto-convert to Fee Type
BOS - Ruby - Product Wizard - We now Auto-Convert Bottle Deposit (CRV) to Fee Type
BOS - Ruby - Create/Modify - Setting the Fee Type now sets the Deposit Amount as well.
POS - Added Combo Support

Date 01-20-2014, 12.12.113
BOS - Sales Download no longer allows Shifts from Last Year.
BOS - Added [Test Connection] in Cash Register Interface Automation. This tests the connection with the HOS
BOS - Passport - Work around a Voids bug in the Passport
ALL - Vendor Invoice now remembers the last selected "Paid By"
ALL - Fixed backing up to \\ServerName
ALL - When editing Client's charges, it was resorting, now fixed.
ALL - Enhanced Product Wizard Resizing as well as all Accounts
ALL - Added Inventory button to Create/Modify Products
ALL - Added [Send to Register] to Employees Setup
ALL - Added [Remove Unused Multipliers] in the Portable Data Collector Interface
ALL - We now allow Gas Load Credit
ALL - Fixed Modify SubCategory Name

Date 11-25-2013, 12.12.112
HOS - Added the ability to send any file from the Find to the Back Office
HOS - First Time User - Setup Locations - Added [Test Connection]
ALL - Added Validate Tax to the Validate Function in the Cash Register Interface
ALL - Added New Vendor Product Inventory Report
ALL - Added Create/Modify Products to Security
ALL - Redesigned the First Time User Window
BOS - Passport/Nucleus - Added option to [Update Department # when downloading Shift/Day]
POS - Added Gift Card Reload
POS - Added the ability to Disable Mixed Payments

Date 10-08-2013, 12.12.111
ALL - Fixed Backup

Date 10-08-2013, 12.12.110
BOS - Passport - If the Cashier did not close the Shift, the PJR files did not get processed
ALL - Gas Sale now includes a Show Diff to easily show you any missing Gas Loads
ALL - Added the ability to Categorize As Income
ALL - Quick Inventory used to stop when a Product Desc. is missing
ALL - Short/Over now includes a custom date selection
ALL - Journal Report should have been sorting by Date and Time, not Date and Shift, now fixed.
ALL - We can now map any Credit Card to any House Charge Account #
ALL - Added Date Limit on the Credit Cards window
ALL - Changing the BuyDown for the Carton did not update the Pack, now it does.
ALL - Added [View List] in Product Wizard
ALL - Added Auto Math Calculation in the Vendor Invoice
ALL - We now auto-divide the Buying by the Qty when scanning a pack and entering the Case/Carton Cost

Date 09-09-2013, 12.12.109
BOS - Ruby - Added a [Special Discount] checkbox in the Cash Register Interface to handle the Loyalty Discount
BOS - Ruby - We now validate the minAge when saving it in Create/Modify
ALL - Enhanced showing missing shifts or days
ALL - Create/Modify Products now shows items belonging to Mix/Match
ALL - Fixed few date selection quarks
ALL - Quick Inventory is now resizable
ALL - Gas Sale now includes a Show All to easily show you the date when a Gas Load is missing.

Date 08-27-2013, 12.12.108
ALL - Gas Load Re-Save fixed.

Date 08-26-2013, 12.12.107
BOS - Ruby, Passport & Nucleus - Added Transaction # to Journal
BOS - Ruby Sapphire - Automation no longer stops if a shift is left open
BOS - Gas Sale no longer shows buying from a future Gas Load
BOS - Sapphire XML - Uploading Fuel Prices did not upload proper Fuel Names
ALL - Added the ability to restore an old Pricebook in the Login Screen and in Product Wizard
ALL - Added the ability to compare the current Pricebook to an older one previously backed up
ALL - Added [Deleted] red status in the Create/Modify Products
ALL - Vendor Order - Review Order - Fixed the Sort by Items Sold
ALL - Lottery Add now shows the # which can be the Lottery ID or Display #
HOS - Enhanced the Auto-Setup to prompt for Servername or drive letter
HOS - Added an option [Update HOS Prices] in First Time User to Update the HOS Prices when you change them @ the BOS

Date 06-27-2013, 12.12.106
ALL - Add Automatic Order from Hackney and Core Mark
BOS - We only launch Ruby Link in run as mode for Windows 8 only. For Windows XP, it did prompt to OK on some PCs.

Date 06-20-2013, 12.12.105
BOS - Nucleus XML - We now have the ability to work around the Nucleus Dept. issue by using Group Numbers
BOS - Verifone - Added Windows 8 Support
BOS - Verifone - Added Site Controller Support and Increased Mix/Match to 200 limit
ALL - Add VPack validation
POS - Importing Pricebooks now imports all the exported prices in one shot

Date 06-12-2013, 12.12.104
POS - Save did not save the Profit amount
ALL - We now warn you when attempting to save the same check # to 2 different Vendors
ALL - Added Security for Add Books, Lottery Settlement, Payment Center, Expenses, Assets, Parts, Gas Pumps, Work Orders & Income.
BOS - Save all uploaded Fuel Price Changes and Product Price Changes as backup files

Date 06-05-2013, 12.12.102
POS - Added Variety Packs Support
BOS - Loading PLU File from Passport did not remove check-digit automatically.
BOS - Real Time Inventory now shows the Cost Value and Sales Value
BOS - Send Product Prices no longer Export Mix/Match to POS
ALL - ID Changer for Vendors did not move Vendor ID in the Gas Load
ALL - Customer List now includes an Applied Amount field
ALL - Customer List now shows in Green Partial Applied Payments
ALL - Net Income Diff now includes an easier way to compare months in the current year
ALL - Resaving the same expense, duplicated it.
ALL - Weighted Items Support is now off by default and you can now change it from First Time User
ALL - View Products - You can now select the UPC-Type from a list
ALL - Sub-Category is now dependant on the Category

Date 05-08-2013, 12.12.101
ALL - Added SSN and Address to Employee's Payroll Reports
HOS - Added Location ID label to Short/Over, Gas Load and Gas Sale
BOS - Send Mix/Match to Register now Export to the POS as well if that is checked

Date 04-30-2013, 12.12.100
BOS - We now Export Fuel Prices to our POS after Sending Fuel Prices to Cash Register.
BOS - Uploading all Departments will now upload to the Pricebook Export Folder.
BOS - After Saving Menus, we now upload it to the Pricebook Export Folder.
BOS - Added the ability to re-process all shifts given a folder
ALL - Delete ALL will now prompt you if you want to delete a This Month.
ALL - Fixed View Old Invoices

Date 04-22-2013, 12.12.99
BOS - Send Prices to Back Office will now also Export the list to the Export Folder.
BOS - Fee Agent - We now ignore the Loyalty Amount.
ALL - Net Income - Added enhanced navigation by Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year.
ALL - Summary Report Loyalty no longer get added to Total Out
ALL - First Time User - Added the ability to specify a Max Check Number
ALL - BuyDown - Send to Register now includes a checkbox to force sending all products
ALL - BuyDown - We no longer allow adding the same UPC to multiple lists.
ALL - BuyDown - We no longer allow changing this field from Create/Modify

Date 04-03-2013, 12.12.98
ALL - Enhanced Product Info. to show you a better progress Indicator in the Status.
BOS - Nucleus XML - We no longer show the option to [Limit Multipack Specials]
BOS - Passport - Fixed checking out using a UPC-Code

Date 03-26-2013, 12.12.97
ALL - Downloading Invoices from the Portable will now auto-multiply by the Case or Carton ONLY if you enter a Quantity less than the Quantity in a Case/Carton
ALL - Enhanced handling of EAN13 - Example: 869721229001
ALL - Inventory - Added the ability to enter "P" or "U" to enter PLU Mode
ALL - Net Income List or Print now separates the Paid Outs into two sections and added Income column to Paid In
ALL - Added Loyalty to the summary report.
BOS - Added to Sales Log [Date Processed on: MM/DD/YYYY - Open Time: HH:MM:SS - Closing Time: HH:MM:SS]

Date 03-18-2013, 12.12.96
POS - Added Support for 6-digits pin numbers
POS - When a Shift is closed with No Gas, we now auto-export it if Export is checked in Automation
POS - Fixed Gift Card Receipt Message
ALL - We now show Client Account Invoice even when Amount Due is Negative
ALL - Fixed opening the Help Documents
ALL - Downloading Invoices from the Portable will now auto-multiply by the Case or Carton
BOS - Passport - Work around a new Passport Bug where the PJR*.xml files are called Client_PJR*.xml

Date 02-11-2013, 12.12.95
POS - Added Support for Weighed UPC-Codes printed using CAS Scales - CAS uses a Number Check-Digit before the 4-digits price.
ALL - Importing any AGKSoft Exported file that was modified is now automatically checked for errors and fixed automatically.
ALL - You can now safely open the Short/Over window without affecting the Automation.
BOS - Ruby - We now validate for the same UPC-Code in multiple mixes

Date 02-05-2013, 12.12.94
ALL - Vendor Invoice - Added Support for Pre-Paid Tax
ALL - Client Accounts - Invoice Dates header used to repeat when we cross multiple years
BOS - Food Stamps and WEX got added together (WEX is Wright Express)
BOS - We now add the Safe Loan to the Total Cash + Checks
HOS - Cash Register Interface can now double click on a Location to Control it using VNC
HOS - Added Override capability to allow price diff between locations

Date 01-24-2012, 12.12.92
ALL - Added [Auto-Hide] to most places you can do [Find] in order to hide most unwanted columns
ALL - Work Order/Garage Inventory - Enhanced the ability to look up by part #
ALL - Added the ability to set the UPC-Code Type
POS - Added the ability to choose Local Charge Description default (Product Name, Receipt # or Empty)
POS - Fixed Traffic Report
POS - Using a negative department for Wright Express Credit Card, the receipt did not show the Tax.
POS - Added an option to not print the account balance on the receipt when using local credit
BOS - Ruby Sapphire - Added handling for POP Fuel Discount
BOS - Nucleus XML - Break up the Credit Cards into details and allow FuelMan Separation
BOS - Ruby Plain and Sapphire - We now ignore Mix IDs larger than 20 when not in use

Date 01-10-2012, 12.12.91
BOS - Ruby Sapphire - Work around UPC-A products that looked like EAN8
BOS - Ruby Sapphire - Automation will now download the Shifts in the order they were closed.
BOS - Nucleus XML - Real-time Message - Changed from NORMAL to Actual Product Name.
ALL - Gas Sale now shows if Pre-Collect is ON
ALL - Short/Over now lets you enter a manual shift easily.
ALL - Work Order - Added the ability to select the All-Data folder
ALL - Customer Accounts - We now only highlight the Non-Payments in Red when ALL is selected.

Date 01-03-2012, 12.12.90
BOS - Ruby Sapphire - Automation kept downloading available shifts from last year
BOS - You can now Map FuelMan out of the Credit Cards into its own House Account - Cash Register Interface->Setup, click [>] and check "FuelMan Act"
BOS - When downloading from Portable, we did not use the proper default Product Code all the time.
BOS - Ruby Sapphire XML - Work around Windows 2003 Server SP2 bug where we could not upload or download PLUs
BOS - Ruby Empty Shifts sometimes duplicate of another existing shift
BOS - Nucleus XML - Work around a Nucleus Bug where you have a Return and a Sale in the same transaction resulting in a Tax Refund, Nucleus did not report it as a refund
BOS - Fixed Emailing/Texting when fuel price changes happen as well as improved the emailed message
ALL - Payroll will now calculate the Tax no matter what payment method you used
ALL - Vendors - Changing the [Trans Type] to Expense now automatically adds it to the Expense Window
ALL - Show Credit Card and Gas Load Duplicates in Red
ALL - All windows with Most Recent can now get sorted by various columns

Date 12-22-2012, 12.12.89
BOS - Passport - Work around Uploading Fuel Prices passport bug when using Cash/Credit pricing.

Date 12-20-2012, 12.12.88
BOS - We now always download the current Fuel Prices when doing manual download.
BOS - Reprocessing the shift was duplicating the Timecard sometimes
BOS - Nucleus XML - Work around a Nucleus bug doubling the Sales Tax
ALL - Enhanced Gas Load to show duplicate Account and Vendor Transactions
ALL - Enhanced various Accounts to show duplicate amounts
ALL - You can now set the Vendor's Default Transaction Type
ALL - Portable will now auto-archive older files
ALL - Net Income now allows synchronizing the Vendors with the Expenses
POS - Show Cash Overpayment when it happens

Date 12-13-2012, 12.12.87
BOS - Nucleus XML - Work around a Nucleus bug showing Debit Cards as sales when they got canceled.
ALL - Fixed Create/Modify showing only Carton Inventory even when you select a Pack.
ALL - Shell Loyalty - Added Support for multiple dates within a single file
ALL - Enhanced Short/Over to show Credit/Debit as well as Fuel Info.
ALL - Allow up to $0.50 tolerance when loading Shell Loyalty Discount files
ALL - Product Wizard - Added the ability to select a Vendor
POS - Local Charge Description will now automatically get the name of the items the client purchased
POS - Client Accounts now includes a button [List in Sales] to show the Local Charge Transaction in the Salesroom
POS - Allow split Cash/Credit payment

Date 12-04-2012, 12.12.86
ALL - New AGKSoft Software Installation will now go to the C:\AGKSoft folder rather than C:\Program Files\Station folder
ALL - Product Info. now shows Quantity of Packs and Cartons
ALL - Lottery Settlement did not let you make a selection of the books you wanted to keep un-settled
ALL - Short/Over Validation now includes Loyalty Discount
HOS - Automation no longer moves the time forever

Date 11-29-2012, 12.12.85
BOS - We no longer touch the Fuel Selling Prices after processing a shift
BOS - Passport - Log now shows Loyalty Fuel Price
ALL - Added [Show Negative Inventory] to Product Info.

Date 11-23-2012, 12.12.84
ALL - Clock-In and Clock-In - We now handle multiple entries for the same Employee for the same date
ALL - Payroll - Added Most Recent and Auto-Pay
ALL - Credit Cards - Lines modified today will get highlighted in Blue
ALL - Setup Employees - We now auto-generate the UPC-Codes for Employees
ALL - Loading the Shell Loyalty XML File will now automatically calculate the Loyalty Fee and Replace the existing records
ALL - Barcode Printing now includes the ability to Print the Dept # as well as the Dept. Name
ALL - Selecting the same Check # will now show the proper amount when printing the check + show all Invoice Numbers in the Memo
ALL - Income Work Order Taxable Sales will now only show the parts having Tax on them.
ALL - Added Custom Date Range Selection to Custom Reports
BOS - We now show the Lottery Sales that were not scanned in the Report
BOS - Ruby Sapphire XML now supports Clock-in and Clock-out using a custom UPC-Code
BOS - Ruby Sapphire XML - We now handle Empty night shifts better.
BOS - Ruby Sapphire XML - We now support Checking in and out using a UPC-Code
POS - We now log all returns
POS - Added a [No Return] Worker Option to not allow workers to do Returns
HOS - Home Office Auto-Import now includes a real-time view of the log, also the log is improved.

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