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AGKSoft Products

AGKSoft offers the C-Store industry a product that is able to cater to every stage of running a C-Store. 

AGKSoft Portable Wireless Scanners

AGKSoft Windows 7 micro-PC (1 Year Warranty)
AGKSoft Windows 10 nano-PC (1 Year Warranty)
AGKSoft Windows 10 mini-PC (1 Year Warranty)
AGKSoft Windows 10 Dual-WAN micro-PC (1 Year Warranty)
HP Business Windows 7 PC (No longer for sale)

AGKSoft Barcode Printer

AGKSoft Point Of Sale (POS) All-in-One for Gas Stations, C-Stores, Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, General Stores, Hardware Stores, Flower shops or any store that requires scanning.

AGKSoft Back Office Software & Gas Station Software for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores (C-Stores). 

AGKSoft Home Office Software to help you control multiple locations.

AGKSoft Conversion Tool for Dealers to help convert Gas Stations & C-Stores from one Register to another in order to preserve the Departments, PLUs and UPC-Codes.  This tool can also help when changing brands.

Metrologic/Honeywell Register Scanners

USB/Keyboard Scanners

AGKSoft Data Entry services for maintaining your price book, Sale Downloads, Shift Balancing, Accounting and Inventory.

Search for gas prices by U.S. Zip Code